Masters of the Obvious [CV]

Carpe Vacca – MCMXCIX

holden On August - 1 - 2011

We are a group of devoted gaming enthusiasts who strive to maintain a positive, mature, cheat-free, and insanely intense gaming environment for our members and guests. We have been competing online as a team since 1999. With new members joining and old ones returning we continue to primarily be a First Person Shooter team with emphasis on the tactical releases. We made our bones in the Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear Series and came into our own by Ghost Recon.

We are currently taking the “fire fight” to the masses in Call of Duty: Black Ops and gearing up for Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. We take our competition seriously, competing globally on recognized competition sites, and earning the respect of other clans. If not because of our tactics, because we compete with integrity and hold our members to a high level of expectation. You will find us respectful to others on our servers with a zero tolerance for cheating. Just don’t confuse our “ball busting” comments with being disrespectful. Everyone needs a pair. – Carpe Vacca!

Recruiting: We are currently looking for talent to join the team. Please get involved in our forums if interested.

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    All warfare is based on deception.

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