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Posted by holden Comments Off on Rambo Chicken Sr. Twitch TV!

Rambo Chicken Sr has been streaming live for the last couple years. As a variety broadcaster he covers many game types, genres and events. Typically plays FPS and MOBO style games. Hope you enjoy his channel as much as we do. He’s a clutch player with Rainbow Six. Laser focused and one we can count […]

Posted by holden Comments Off on Heading to ESL

Like Rambo stated in an earlier post we are getting back into competition.  The players have changed.  We have added new players and retained the core group.  Although we have been slow to get on the formal competition bandwagon we are looking to do that shortly.  Having set up a North American team page on […]

Posted by Rambo Chicken Comments Off on Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege was released on December 1st, 2015. With its large hype people were coming into it was high expectations, however it did not prove its good compared to the E3 viewing a couple years back, when graphics. It did and is doing well with game play, with the game slowing growing on players […]

Posted by holden Comments Off on CV on FB!

Come join us on Facebook!  We a team who likes to play and have fun. We are playing R6: Seige and training to be the best. It  would be great to see you online and in the game! We will also be opening up our TeamSpeak 3 server for use!

Posted by holden Comments Off on Insurgency is Alive and Well.

For the last couple weeks we have been playing Insurgency. A Source Engine release that is closer to Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon in feel than any other game on the market. I blame Biggs [CV] for getting us involved in this. Most of us were focused on other things since the decline of Battlefield […]

Posted by holden Comments Off on Carpe Vacca Rising!

It has been a long time since we updated the website. Last post was around this time last year speaking about COD and how we locked and loaded. Well… COD was definitely a short bus game. A no brainer that was driven to success because BF3 was challenging, the general populace are sheep, and yes… […]

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