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holden On October - 4 - 2011

According to an anonymous report BF3Blog received from inside Valve, the developer/publisher is currently in late-stage talks with EA in bringing Battlefield 3 to the Steam digital distribution service. The rumor says that Battlefield 3 would be available on Steam just in time for the game’s release on October 25.

According to the report, EA and Valve are very close to reaching an agreement regarding sales of DLC content, which is the main reason Battlefield 3 is not on Steam: Valve requires that all DLC is sold through Steam, while EA would prefer to sell via its own channels. This was the cause of another EA title, Crysis 2, for being pulled from Steam earlier this year.

Many PC gamers have lobbied both EA and Valve to put Battlefield 3 on Steam for a while now. It looks like it’ll finally happen soon.

We’ve reached out to EA and Valve for a comment on this story.

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  1. holden says:

    I guess the question is now… can I cancel my pre-order and order from Steam?

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