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First and foremost we are a PVP Corporation. We focus on lowsec, nullsec and tournament PVP. We have a long and proven history of being some of the most fierce combat pilots in Faction Warfare. Founded in 2012, we are the executor of Templis CALSF. The longest continually serving alliance in the Caldari Militia.

We are highly organized and active. Real life remains a priority. Mature and drama free. What you will always get is support from the teams within to help grow and develop your corporation. As executor of the Alliance, we are new corporation and new pilot friendly.

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Whether you are a new pilot, new to EVE, new to Faction Warfare or and old school Vet, we have something to offer you.

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Some of Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Scylus Black

Alliance Director of Faction Warfare

CSM XII Candidate

Retired CEO and Executor

Served with distinction 01/2013-10/2016

Omar Jumper

Director of Fleet Command

Retired CEO and Executor

Served with distinction 11/2016-09/2019


Director of Strategy